"Sun Catcher" from Vikings of the Sunrise. 2.5 MB mp3 clip. © 1996 New Albion Records



The opening section of Paisajes Audibles, composed and filmed in tribute to the Festival de Musica Visual created by painter Ildefonso Aguilar in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Film by Amy Scott and Tom Sanny, © 1999.

A Rosary of Islands: (excerpt)

Composed in a 13-limit just tuning created by Terry Riley and performed here in Sydney, Australia with jazz and orchestral instruments. Film courtesy of Australian Broadcast Corporation, © 1991.

Lyric Suite for English Horn and Bowed Piano, Part One, © 2010 Adigital Music


Lyric Suite for English Horn and Bowed Piano, Part Two, © 2010 Adigital Music

Composed for Thomas Stacy, retired English horn soloist for the New York Philharmonic, here premiered by Mr. Stacy and The Bowed Piano Ensemble on 10 February 2011.


Mr. Fibonacci at Work and Play ©2011

The Bowed Piano Ensemble and the London group Piano Circus in the premier performance at Colorado College of Stephen Scott's Mr. Fibonacci At Work and Play in October, 2011.


Stephen Scott: Aurora Ficta, “Azul” and “En su Isla” from Paisajes Audibles (Victoria Hansen, soprano) and Rainbows, Parts One and Two.

First Monday Series: The Bowed Piano Ensemble at Richard F. Celeste Theater, Colorado College February 20, 2012